Beefstock Music Festival Derby 2012

Saturday July 14th 2012 - we had looked at the site the previous weekend and a lot of it had been or was underwater! Luckily (or miraculously) the following week was mainly dry.  We arrived at the farm early and decided we would position the station by the fence away from the boggy edge.
Beef Stock
Martin managed to drive to the spot where we unloaded the gear from the car - a bit of wheel spin in the soft ground when he went to pull away to go and park on the dry farm yard.

We erected the gazebo and put up the table and David G8FPA arrived to assist us.  The ‘UNU’ aerial was put up by strapping the poles to the fence posts nearby.  Switching on the IC7000 and 12” monitor we found the SWR going haywire! After various attempts to correct this we agreed there must be a fault in the aerial tuner (it turned out to be a dry joint).  Martin rigged up a dipole and we set to work.  Unfortunately the loud speakers from the music stage were pointed in our direction and more often than not overpowered our listening ability.  Nevertheless we ploughed on and worked stations across Europe and the United States including: Croatia, Ireland, Cyprus, Switzerland and Ukraine to name a few.

By early afternoon the sun was out and it was really warm but by about 3.30pm it clouded over and began to rain - though this didn’t dampen the music. We finally gave up about 4.30pm when the music seemed to be getting even louder. Still we all agreed we had had a good day and thank you to David for taking the time to come and help. We arrived home very tired and a bit muddy but we had done our bit.

Next year we will go further back!!   (Photo: David G8FPA operating and Jenny G4EYM Logging)

Jenny G4EYM

GB1OOD Operated from the "Beefstock" Music Festival In Derby 2011

Friday 22nd July 2011 saw four club members load their cars and head for the site of this privately-run, by invitation only, music festival which was being held on a beef rearing farm in Derby.


Unsurprisingly the event is called 'Beefstock' -obviously tipping a hat to the 'Woodstock' festivals of some years ago. This event showcases local bands - all amateur and most doing it for pure enjoyment, and not as a career path, as well as helping raise funds for the charity of the year.

Upon arrival and finding the allotted place on the field, the first job was to erect a gazebo which was to become the base of operation for GB1OOD - followed by a quick rope-down when an extra just of wind tried to take the gazebo over the fence, bending a couple of legs in the process. Rescued and straightened the build of the station continued.

As everything had shut-down by midnight then so too had the station. Another night in the car for one of members who kept an eye on the masts, etc., then a take-down and clearing of the site on the Sunday morning before arriving home at about 11:00pm.

A good event to which we’ve been tentatively invited for 2014.


In 2011,  Beefstock raised money for "when You Wish Upon A Star", a wonderful organisation that helps children suffering from life threatening illnesses.

At 8:30pm on the Saturday evening, the festival had raised £2,800 for the charity beating the previous year’s total by over £700 – and there was still about three hours to go before the event closed.
In the end the total raised was in excess of £3100.

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Photo of G4AKE and G1VAB

Power - 2011

Power for operating was by a generator which float-charged a 100A leisure battery and this did good work. Overnight operations were thwarted due to the close proximity of the 100 or so caravans who were on site so keeping a generator running wasn’t an option.

Radio Conditions - 2011

Conditions were - as you can guess - poor on most of the HF bands with hardly any inter-G activity even though we had a very low noise floor - a pleasant change from the urban environment in which we usually operate. 

VHF wasn't much better as there were no contacts on 6m or 70cms, with only six contacts on 2m FM on the Saturday. So what’s happened to local contacts on 2m? Best DX on 2m FM was into Tamworth where we worked a station operating at a steam event. Best HF DX was on 20m when we worked into Belarus at about 1200miles.

Antenna - 2011
A wire dipole for 40m, a tri-band rotatable dipole for 20m, 15m, and 10m, and a VHF collinear for 6m. 2m, and 70cms went up without too much trouble and the rest of the station put together without a hitch.