Historic Documents
Derby Wireless Club holds a wide range of historic documents dating back to 1911. Some of these are available for viewing on this page.

Origins of the RSGB

In 1913, the honorary secretary R.H.Klein sent a letter to the DWC informing us of the creation of the 'London Wireless Club' (Later to become the RSGB) on 10th July. The letter informed us that 'DLC' had formed and was willing to cooperate with DWC on the persuit of the study of Wireless matters.

Official Letter From London Wireless Club to Derby Wireless Club in 1913 Cover letter from R.H. Klein, the Hon. Sec LWC . Approximate transcript of the Cover Letter

The official and cover letters paint a picture of the issues and concerns of the day. It should be remembered that spark transmitters were the normal form of transmission with inevitable interference if more than one station transmit at the same time.

The First Amateur Call Book?

DWC holds one of the first Amateur call books ever printed. The document is called the "GAMAGE Directory of Experimental Wireless Stations" dated 1913 and is 48 pages long. The Club historian and committee members decided that an electronic version should be available for all to see and so the document is now avaiable on the link below.  The information is now more than 100 years old!

The complete July 1913 Gamage Directory (6Mbyte) Directory of Experimental Wireless Stations Rear Sheet Entry for Derby Wireless Club

Gamage also include a 'disclaimer' page proving that 'small print' is not a recent thing! A point of intrest: the frequency is expressed in "metres" for example '1500m' rather than frequency in MHz. There were no digital frequency meters in those days!

Derby Wireless Club Article in the Daily Sketch

The Daily Sketch newspaper ran an article on Derby Wireless Club on Thursday 6th February 1913. The article concentrated of the origins of the club and showed how a radio station could be constructed from 'Odds and Ends'. We appolgise for the quality of the photographs but 100 years is a long time for a newspaper clip.

Photo 1 - The full article (1.3 MByte) PDF - A transcript of the same document

Derby Wireless Club Article in the DerbyDaily Express (1912)

The Derby Daily Express ran an article on 15th July 1912 raising awareness of radio activity in the Derby area.  We no longer have the original article but we do have the trascript describing a number of amateurs in the Derby area and the Derwent Troop of Boy Scouts:  Derby Express Transcript.

Derby Wireless Club Article in December 1922 Wirelss World

Mr. A. Trevelyan Lee (2 DJ) and Mr. S. Grimwood Taylor (2 IX) submitted an article in Wireless World 2nd December 1922 describing the use of radio technology in mines.  Mines Transcript.   If you want to see the full article it is available on the wonderful American history site :  The full address is page 314 of:

Wireless Notes - A Column from the Derbyshire Advertiser of April 24th 1925

This is a note recorded at the Wireless League meeting on Saturday 24th April 1925. Mr Fred Porter gave a racy and humerous oration.  This document is in poor physical condition and so apears four times in this PDF with different settings of the copier.  Hopefully, any obscured words can be read elsewhere!!    The document also includes a letter from Deby Wirelass Club informing the secretary T.S.F (Telegraphic Sans Fils) that two UK delegates from Derby Wireless Club will attend:  Derbyshire Advertiser Document

Portable Radio

Portable 1913 radio receiver presented to Derby Wireless Club by founder member A. T. Lee G2DJ

Portable Radio 2
A 1913 radio spark transmitter presented to Derby Wireless Club by founder member A.T. Lee G2DJ.

World War 1 Closedown

On 1st August 1914, Derby Wireless Club received a telegram from the Post Office instructing all members of the club to stop transmitting immediately. This was, of couse, the prelude to World War 1.