GB1OOD Operated From Our Club Room

URC 1Following closure of the Silk Mill on April 4th 2011, we moved GB1OOD to our club room at the URC church in Derby. We intend to operate from here through to December with a break in mid July when we move to the 'Beefstock' musical festival for a few days.

An advantage of this site is the chance to operate on VHF and UHF using an existing collinear antenna mounted on an aluminium pole fixed to the wall of a church outbuilding.

For HF we used a Comet H 422 loaded dipole mounted on a support pole approximately 25 - 28 ft high. For 80m, we installed a full sized wire dipole strung across the church buildings. One end is approximately 30ft high and the other approximately 25ft high. Fortunately, the antenna is well hidden by very large trees and cannot be seen from the street.

The LF and HF antennas work very well but, like the Silk Mill, we have relatively high receive noise floor that is probably due to local sources. We are about to start an investigation to see if the noise can be identified and mitigated.

This page will be updated as more information becomes available.

Club Room 1920
1949 Derby Club Room in the Sub Basement of the College of Art, Green Lane Derby.

Derby Wireless Club before we moved to larger premises! Actually, it was a demonstration of the new club receiver in 1922. If you click on the photo, notice a wire connected to a nail in the wall holding up a picture - what is that for?

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