Who's Who

2011 Junk Sale
Junk Sale Tuesday 5th July 2011. From the back row left to right: Clive 2E1HVZ, Malc G3GRM, Dave G1VAB, Jenny G4EYM, Chris G4AKE, Martin G3SZJ, Denis G8BAV. Middle row left to right: Stuart G8BFA, John G8IHA, Trevor G3VLF, Peter Wagstaff, Front row eft to right: Dave G7GJI, John M3NZK, Colin Baker, Richard G3VGW and Jack 2E0RLG.

Above is a photograph of members attending a 'Derby Club' junk sale during July 2011.  These events are usually well attended with 15 - 25 members regularly turning up to recycle and purchase junk.  For many years Martin, G3SZJ has performed the role of auctioneer admirably, controlling the proceeding, driving a hard bargain and keeping the rabble under control.  On many occasions, members bid for an item of value then end up buying a box of junk as well.  Good fun is had by all.

Derby Junk Sales

The Derby junks sales were infamous.  In the 1960’s, during the heyday of Amateur Radio, members report that Junk Sales at Oddfellows house, Green Lane were so popular that people had no option but to stand outside the club room due to numbers.  The front row was reserved for the younger short wave listeners who turned up in their droves. 

Club membership at that time well exceeded a hundred. 

Times have changed somewhat and now young people appear to have other distractions.  Today the challenge is to understand where the break occurred, to re-engage with younger people and make the hobby and club more intersting.